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Secret Life of Walter Mitty, The
Secret Life of Walter Mitty, The

Video On Demand > Latest Blockbusters

Premieres 25 Apr (Fri)
Anytime On Demand
Once Upon A Time In Beitou |  热海恋歌
Once Upon A Time In Beitou | 热海恋歌

Channels > Jia Le Channel (HD)

Premieres 26 Apr (Sat),
Every Sat 9pm
Emergency Couple 急症男女
Emergency Couple 急症男女

Channels > channel M HD

Premieres 26 April (Sat)
Every Saturday, 9pm
cHK Highlights cHK 香港台特备节目
cHK Highlights cHK 香港台特备节目

Channels > cHK (HD)

Starting from 5 April (Saturday)
3 Days 3 天 (First & Exclusive)
3 Days 3 天 (First & Exclusive)

Channels > ONE HD (Mandarin)

Premieres 2 April (Wednesday)
Every Wednesday & Thursday, 8.55pm
Installation Guide

Troubleshooting Guide



Quick Fix 1 - Reboot the Set-Top Box (STB)

Reboot the Set-Top Box (STB)

Hold down the POWER button for 5 seconds or restart the STB by turning the
main power supply off and then on again. Rebooting takes 3 minutes. Do not interrupt this process or press the POWER button repeatedly.

电源。重新启动需要 3分钟,于这时间请勿重按(开/关)按钮。

Power Off Power On Sequence (PO-PO)

Power off the STB and all the devices connected to it, including the Cordless
Home connect (CHC, if any) and modem. Turn the device on one at a time,
starting with the modem, then the CHC, and lastly the STB.

源。重新启动需要 3分钟,于这时间请勿重按(开/关)按钮。

Remember to use microfilters

All telephone sockets connected to a device such as fax machine or telephone, must be connected to a microfilter. Attach your telephone and modem as
shown in the diagram.


Check Cordless Home Connect (CHC)

A wired connection between modem and STB is best for an optimal viewing experience. If you are using the CHC, there must be a stable green light on
both devices. The CHC must be plugged directly into the wall socket (as shown).


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January Web Preview
January Web Preview

Li (HD) January Highlights
Li (HD) January Highlights

Planes Interstitial
Planes Interstitial

STAR Chinese Movies  January Highlights
STAR Chinese Movies January Highlights

Nickelodeon  January Highlights
Nickelodeon January Highlights