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What is mio TV?
Mio TV Digital Features


Digital TV made easy

  • Find your favourites TV shows and Movies
    Our user-friendly Channel TV Guide lists all TV programmes and their synopses for up to 30 days in advance. You can also use the remote control or virtual keyboard to search for programmes and videos by entering keywords.
  • Channel surfing is a breeze
    mio TV’s Picture-in-Picture feature means you can check out what’s happening on other channels without missing any of the action on the current channel. You can also use this to preview channels before deciding to subscribe to them.
Control your TV Shows and Movies!

True Video On Demand!

  • Watch it when you want
    Choose from our extensive library of HD movies on demand and videos and watch them when you want.
  • Free previews
    Preview any video before deciding whether to watch it. You pay only when you’ve made your selection.
  • Control your video
    Pause, rewind and fast-forward as you like.
Digital TV and True Video On-Demand!

Your favourite shows at your convenience

  • Easy to use
  • Record your favourite shows
  • Enjoy HD quality playback
  • Control how you watch and record
Mio Digital Television lets you Record your Programmes Easily

Safe viewing and purchase tracking

  • Parental Control
    Use the Parental Lock to allow only appropriate programmes and videos. The Rental Lock restricts purchases.
  • Track your purchases from the TV Portal
    Keep tabs on all your purchases for the past 3 months by checking the mio TV Portal.

Safe Viewing and track purchases easily!

Search for your favourite programmes easily!

  • Easy T9 Input or Virtual Keyboard on TV
    You can choose to input keyword search via the remote control number pad with T9 predictive text or via the virtual keyboard on the Television.
  • Intuitive Search functions
    You can search for programmes and video titles by using a few keywords. The intuitive search engine provides intelligent results and you can filter results further.

Search for your favourite programmes easily!